Relational Ministries

New Adventist Singles Participant

You are most welcome to any of the events that we have going. This is not a Dating service (although we had 12 people in our group marry a few of years ago) but that is not our goal! It is Christian Fellowship. The programs and activities are sponsored by the Beaverton SDA Singles & the Adventist Single Adult Ministries - ASAM. There are no dues and the costs of the events are kept at a minimum cost to you. Many are FREE except where we need to charge (Retreats, Conventions, Campouts, etc.). The events are open to all singles and their supervised children. You will want to pay the driver a share of the costs of the outing for Gas, Wear & Tear, etc.) If you can drive you will be appreciated.

You can view the upcoming events on the Webpage: then go to the ASAM Adventist Singles Web Page. We also have flyers at the event for the following activities. There are pictures on the Website of past events. (Main Church Website - under ALL Photo Albums). We advertise these future events in the Gleaner. We also send out an email to our distribution list, just send me (Email) an email and I will get you on the list.

I try to get the website updated after the 3rd Sabbath (Saturday) of each month. That is the weekend that we "usually" have events on (for your future planning). We also have a link from The Oregon Conf of SDA Family Ministries Department to our Website. We have had people coming to our events from Seattle, Madras, OR Coast, Grants Pass, Walla Walla, etc.

Hope to see you at our activities.

Tom Terry

Charlotte Miles