Relational Ministries

The Family Night Idea

5:30 pm - FREE supper begins

6:30 pm - Various ministry groups meet (the options are endless, but here are ideas)

- Revelation Seminar
- Women's Bible Study
- Financial Peace University
- Love & Logic (Parenting)
- Love & Respect (Marriage)
- Prayer Meeting
- Pathfinders
- Youth Group
- Twelve Step Group
- Divorce Care Group
- Scrapbooking Group
- Full Plate Diet Support Group

7:30 pm - Rotating from week to week:

- Church Board
- Church Finance Committee
- Church Building Committee
- Etc.

Things we like about this concept:

- We avoid having someone from the family at the church virtuallye very night of the week.
- There is synergy between the groups - one plus one really can make three.
- If someone wants to start something new, the structure is already in place.
- Working parents can get off work, pick up their kids and go straight to the church. Things wrap early enough to get home, do a little homework, and still get to bed at a decent hour.
- Participating is more attractive to both church members and community members when there is a larger group--and a meal.

Some churches do it every week; some do it every other week.

The key: Have beginning and ending periods, generally following the quarters (fall, winter, spring). People are more likely to commit for specific periods of time. It also gives the opportunity to offer/join something new each quarter.

For more ideas, contact Cheri Corder, Director of Family Ministries
Oregon Conference office -- 503-850-3558