Relational Ministries

"Bright Ideas" for Ministry!

From the IDEA EXCHANGE at Oregon Conference's Ministry Fest 2010

- Promote the use of your church for weddings FREE to the folk in your community! Along with it offer FREE pre-marriage mentoring and counseling. This will create very positive connections between the couple and your pastor as well as with your church! It will also broaden the happy influences to the couple's wider family and friends.

- Divide your church's neighborhood into blocks and have members adopt them--becoming "block missionaries." Look out for ways to meet felt needs in your immediate neighborhood. This approach also provides opportunity for doing prayer wlaks, community surveys and lietrature distribution.

- Do a pancake breakfast or BBQ block party to get acquainted with your neighbors. This is a great non-threatening and safe way to create relational bridges with those who live near you!

- Have a "classic cruise" (old or classic cars) to attract community members together.

- Create food or gift packets for the homeless. Include basic toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrushes, hand sanitizers, "hottie" hand warmers, body poder, under arm deodorant, hand lotion, and disposable razors.

- Have a class in your community on how to can food. Yes, in a failing economy people are "canning" again! They are also interested in other kinds of food preservation methods like freezing and drying.

- Visit, read to, and encourage crippled veterans. Send care packages of helpful materials to soldier overseas.

- Adopt a "grandparent" from a nursing home or assisted living facility. Many elderly folk do not have family or regular visitors and are very lonely and would appreciate your care. Give foot massages, read to them, bring them flowers, and send cards.

- Clean the roadsides in your neighborhood. one lady who makes a habit of this has a very good relationship with the neighbors in the area and the County Commissioner! It's not only good witness but it helps keep God's earth clean!

- Start a "Care Bear" or "Prayer Bear" ministry for seriously ill patients in your local hospital. Who would not appreciate a cuddly teddy bear that communciates loving concern and prayerful support! Contact Ginny Allen for some further inspirational ideas on this outreach as conductedf by the Vancouver, Washington church.

- Conduct your VBS program Sabbath morning during Sabbath School. Advertise it as a Saturday morning VBS at your church. Contact he Madras, Oregon church about the success that they have had with this revolutionary approach to VBS.

- Have a Thanksgiving social meal at your home with your neighbors (let them bring something to eat too!) This is a great way to create warm connections during the holiday season with those who live next door!

For more ideas, contact Cheri Corder, Director of Family Ministries
Oregon Conference office -- 503-850-3558