Relational Ministries

2013 Men's Ministry Leaders Retreat

"Leadership Lessons for Men"




May 3-5, 2013

Grove Christian Camp

From I-5, take the Cottage Grove/Dorena exit (Exit #174). Proceed east on Row River Road (which becomes Shoreview Dr.) approximately 12 miles. At the east end (the far end) of the Dorena Reservoir you will come to a white covered bridge. The camp road is immediately to the right before the covered bridge.


Dave Allen, VP for Administration

Paul Cochran, Men's Ministry Team Leader

Monte Torkelsen, Youth Ministries Director

Chuck Burkeen, Member Ministry & Evangelism Director

Jim Vickroy, Men's Ministry Team Member

Gary McLain, Communication Director



Click below for info on some fun outdoor activities:


Walking / biking the Row River Trail

Hiking / mt. biking trails

4-wheeling the Noonday Trail

Excursion to the Bohemia Gold Mining District, contact Chuck Burkeen at or 503.850.3559




Friday, May 3


          3:00               Sign in

          5:30               Supper

          6:30               Dave Allen


Sabbath, May 4


          7:00               Prayer Time

          8:00               Breakfast

          9:00               Paul Cochran

          10:45             Monte Torkelsen

          12:15             Lunch

          1:30               Free Time (Outdoor activities & etc.)

          5:30               Supper

          7:00               Jim Vickroy & Group Prayer Time  

                                                  Sundown:8:20 pm

          8:30               Fellowship & games,


Sunday, May 5


          7:00                Prayer Time

          7:30                Breakfast

          8:30                Resources for Men’s Ministry – Chuck

          9:00                Using Technology in Ministry – Gary McLain

          10:00              Business Meeting

          11:00              Clean up and go



$85.00 Fee includes 2 nights lodging and 5 meals


RV spots available






Click here for: Info Video on the event